Imagine you are seated in a room, shoulder to shoulder with your local competition….

In the middle is a prospective patient for your cosmetic practice.

This prospective patient asks, “Why should I choose YOUR PRACTICE over your competitors?  Tell me in 15 words or less?”

What would you say?

Would you waste any of the 15 words you have to convince them to become a patient of yours? Would you waste 3-6 of the words on saying your name once or TWICE? Would you waste a few words on “Board Certified” or “Free Consultation” that everyone else offers?

Well, believe it or not, the scenario above is basically your Google ad. It’s a preliminary 15-word interview of you versus all of your competition. And, most people doing pay-per-click advertising online stumble by adding words that are a complete waste. People add words that do not make people want to click and visit their website. By not writing an effective Google ad, you can kiss tens of thousands of dollars in new patients goodbye.

How to Write an Effective Google Ad That Generates New Patient Leads

Each word in your Google ad must earn its spot. If there’s not a strong persuasive element to every word you select, then you are wasting space and missing out on new patient leads. And, this includes inserting your name and the practice’s name within the ad. In fact, this is the pay-per-click advertising mistake that is committed everyday. People are obliviously taking up precious Google ad real estate.

For example, look at these two ads under a search for “Houston Plastic Surgeon”:

Ad #1:

Smith Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Ray Smith offers cosmetic
procedures for body, breast & face

Ad #2

Facial Plastic Surgery
“Only Face; Only Superior Results” Houston
Houston Plastic Surgeon

(names and URLs changed for privacy)

Notice the difference between the two ads?

The Difference Between a Good Google Ad and a Poor Google Ad

1. The first ad forgets that the most important part of the ad is the headline. Put your name there and you might as well leave it blank.
2. The first ad in contrast tells the prospective patient nothing about why they should choose or even consider Smith over every other plastic surgeon out there. Everyone else “offers procedures for body, breast & face.” He’s positioned him self as just like everyone body else.
3. The second ad tells people we only do face. This eliminates people they don’t want- so they’re only paying for clicks from their target customers. The general public has been taught that specialists are “better.”
4. The second ad confirmed they are in Houston, in two different spots. This bolds “Houston” in the ad and it makes the ad stand out from the rest. Plus it assures someone looking for a surgeon in Houston that in fact this is in line with what they are looking for.

The only fault that I find on the second ad is the use of “Only Superior Results.” What does that really mean to a prospective patient? Not a whole lot. Every patient is expecting superior results. Some have expectations set more towards miracles then “superior.”

On your Google ad, you want to describe what a patient is after and hit on some emotion. You want to have some psychological or emotional trigger within your ad copy that grabs prospective patients by the eyeballs and pulls them to your website.

Your Next Steps…

You can continue to do pay-per-click advertising your way and waste thousands of dollars or you can consistently beat your competitors and get new patients even in a recession. And, you can have Google think of you as a long-term business partner they can count on. They give their long-term partners preferential treatment like:

* Higher position with a LOWER cost. It is possible to get a #1 spot for #3 prices or less.
* Your ads will show more often.

The end result is more new patients and a lower new patient generation cost.