Marketing Services That Double Sales


The ClearPath Way

At ClearPath, we look beyond the scope of traditional digital marketing. Our priority isn’t just creating more visibility or more traffic and leads from your website – we exist to take the complexities of today’s marketing and make them simple for you.  Every piece of marketing we do on your behalf is tracked and measured.  We rely on data and analytics to drive decisions so you can predictably grow and profitably scale your business. We partner with select clients who are committed to increasing the volume and quality of their leads and sales while continuously lowering their customer acquisition costs.

Campaign Architecture

Behind every successful marketing initiative is strategic direction. We’ll blueprint a marketing process and map it out for you based on your current business model and your goals. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing funnel and anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional. Instead, we’ll create a custom campaign architecture based on your specific business model, sales process and your specific goals.

New Customer Acquisition

Paid advertising coupled with direct response marketing principles is by far the quickest path to generating more leads and paying customers for your business. Few marketing mediums can match the targeting options and scalability that paid ads provide. That’s why our core competency is turning paid advertising into profits. Let our team show you how to get in front of ‘credit card in hand’, large hungry crowds of your perfect prospects who are eager to buy your stuff.


Customer Reactivation

It’s natural to always be thinking about new customers, and rightly so. But…are you actively working to reactivate your past buyers? If you’re unsure what to do to get your dormant prospect or customer lists buying again, ClearPath can help. We can put together a successful reactivation campaign strategy specific to your products and services that will drum up renewed interest, sales and referrals.

Marketing Optimization

If your existing marketing and advertising efforts are like what we’ve seen with the hundreds of other businesses we’ve already worked with, there could be a lot of holes in your process that could practically be leaking money. Optimization is the single most important factor in ensuring you maximize returns from your marketing. We’ll do a complete conversion audit and dive deep into your existing marketing collateral, sales process and systems to uncover the leaks and more importantly, fix them.


Paid Advertising

Advertise at scale using PPC, Social Ads, Native & Direct Media Buys  to drive targeted traffic.


We track and measure all of your marketing performance. Data collection allows us to make more profitable decisions.

Marketplace Intelligence

We'll conduct competitor and customer research so you know what's working in your marketplace.

Email Marketing

Follow ups, nurture drips, promos and more.  We'll use email to further engage your audience.

Direct Response Copywriting

We develop conversion pulling copy for all your ads and landing pages.

Marketing Automation

We'll use automation technology to help you streamline and be more efficient in all of your marketing.