We deliver profitable marketing strategies for our clients every day


The ClearPath Way

At ClearPath, we look beyond the scope of traditional digital marketing. Our priority isn’t just creating more visibility or more traffic and leads from your website – we exist to take the complexities of today’s marketing and make them simple for you.  Every piece of marketing we do on your behalf is tracked and measured.  We rely on data and analytics to drive decisions so you can predictably grow and profitably scale your business. We partner with select clients who are committed to increasing the volume and quality of their leads and sales while continuously lowering their customer acquisition costs.

Not Your Average Digital Marketers

This team is fanatical about creating profitable results for our clients. You won’t find “average” or “me to” marketing strategies here. Vanity metrics such as ‘likes’, ‘connections’ and ‘followers’ are cool, but you can’t deposit those things into your bank account. That’s why when you speak with us, you’ll hear us zero in on things that matter most to your bottom line profits- results and ROI. We take extraordinary care in tracking and measuring everything. Analytics driven insights are at the center of every action we take towards helping you grow and scale your business, rapidly.

The Experts On Your Side

We are multi-channel data junkies, allowing us to expose your products and services to a greater target audience, wherever they may be looking for what you have to offer. Our team of experts specialize in finding your audience, then combine persuasive messaging with data to create highly accountable and successful, customer-getting lead generation systems and campaigns.

Core Values